Managed Router

What is a Managed Router?

It is a router that is managed by Advanced Wireless, to ensure you can enjoy the fastest speeds, the best performance, and Wi-Fi coverage that extends throughout your home. Each unit will connect wirelessly and allow you to roam throughout your home seamlessly with a single Wireless network and achieve high-performance Wi-Fi.

Why use a Managed Router?

You will have a better online experience and these routers are designed to cover your entire home with strong and fast Wi-Fi signals. We are also able to support issues you may encounter, such as coverage problems, slow speeds, dropped connections, and interference from other electronic devices. This also helps Smart Homes which have multiple devices connected to the internet (such as cell phones, TVs, computers, tablets, thermostats, surveillance devices, and more).

Can I buy this and plug it in myself?

The system we provide requires professional installation and will be managed remotely by Advanced Wireless.

There is an installation fee for each router and monthly service in addition to your monthly internet service