About Advanced Wireless

Your Dependable Option for Rural Wireless Internet Communications

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Advanced Wireless provides wireless communications and rural Internet services for our customers throughout San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara counties, along California’s Central Coast region. We specialize in high speed internet access for rural homes and businesses that may not otherwise have an option for a dependable internet connection.

We have dependably served our customers in the region for more than 30 years. We offer affordable pricing on a wide range of communications and technology services, including rural internet options for our customers who may otherwise experience slow dial-up or satellite connections, or be left with no other options at all.

A Company Built by Word of Mouth

At Advanced Wireless, we place a premium on stellar customer service. We rely heavily on our positive reviews and word of mouth to sustain our growing business. When our customers are pleased with their level of service, they tend to tell their rural neighbors and friends – bringing more residents into the fold that we are proud to serve.

Our goal is to always provide friendly, knowledgeable service that stands out in an industry often embattled with a faceless, conglomerate-style reputation. With this philosophy in mind, we have grown to serve nearly 20,000 local customers.

When you call for Advanced Wireless customer service, there are no confusing phone menus. You will not be placed on hold for several minutes, and you will not be rerouted to a foreign customer service call center. Instead, you receive top-notch in-house customer support from our team of friendly experts. We also provide our own field service, so you can trust that all equipment installations have been completed right, the first time.

Our Origin Story

Our founders Dan Rudnick and Ron Scott began Advanced Wireless in 1984 upon leaving Motorola Communications. Ron spent his career as a field engineer at Motorola, after picking up much of his skill set while serving our country in the Navy. He had the engineering and technology background to envision and develop many of the Advanced Wireless services that our customers greatly benefit from today.

Dan was offered a promotion from Motorola in the early 1980s and was asked to transfer to a location outside of the central California coast area. But as a California Polytechnic State University graduate and longtime area resident, he did not want to leave. Instead he joined forces with Ron for the opportunity to create their own wireless communications company – a business that is still thriving today.

The duo applied for their first Federal Communications Commission (FCC) license to run their business. Today they have several licenses and a highly successful wireless communications company, serving tens of thousands in the area.

Advanced Wireless Today

Our company has transitioned through different products and services, as the emphasis of wireless communications has shifted over the years. Many of the products that we focused on in the early years are still available today.

We began by offering two-way radio and pager services for the area. We began building local service towers to ensure the quality of our service for our customers. Today, we have 55 tower locations, and expanding in the region, with even greater coverage.

We also transitioned into providing remote access for closed circuit security cameras. When our customers wanted remote access to a camera feed with limited internet capability, our engineers were able to develop powerful and effective solutions.

With this background and these resources at our disposal, our ability to provide wireless internet to our rural customers increased. We have a growing number of customers who depend on us for their rural coverage – and we are committed to expanding in this area.

Go with the Fixed Wireless Internet Option You Can Trust

When it comes to rural Wifi and Internet, you have options. This is why at Advanced Wireless, we pride ourselves on providing the best possible friendly and informative customer service. We take the time to understand our customers’ needs and provide the right solution for each case.

If you are looking for Internet for your rural residential or business location contact us today! 805-922-2252